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Select Smart Mass Choc

Select Smart Mass Choc

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Bulk the right way with Select Smart Mass, the clean weight gainer. With no added fat, 60g slow digesting carbs and 40g protein from whey and casein for fast + slow digestion, we've formulated Smart Mass to be geared for lean mass gains, rather than dirty weight gain from simple sugars and fats. Smart Mass delivers our typical amazing taste and texture that you won't find in any other weight gainer. Maltodextrin free.


40g Protein Blend

A combination of whey + casein protein delivers both fast and slow digesting protein. This makes Smart Mass perfect for: post-workout, before bed, between meals...any time!

Slow-Digesting Carbs

Most gainer products are loaded with sugar and simple, cheap carbohydrates. Don't buy bags of sugar! We use a slow-digesting carbohydrate, pea starch, for prolonged delivery of carbs compared to simple sugars.

No Added Fats

We have nothing against fats for bulking, but you often get plenty of fat through your bulking diet already. Adding more through supplementation could turn your muscle-focused bulk into a fat-focused bulk. Smart Mass is a clean, smart gainer.

Is your mass gainer just a fat gainer?

If you’re reaching for a mass gainer, odds are you’re either a hard-gainer (someone who finds it very difficult to add mass),
or you just entered into a bulking phase of your diet. Good news, you chose the right product.

Low GI & Maltodextrin Free

Besides table sugar, maltodextrin is just about the cheapest carbohydrate source you can buy. It’s also easy to flavor and
mixes well. Because of this, other mass gainers make it their #1 carbohydrate source. Sometimes labeled as glucose
polymers, maltodextrin clocks in with an extremely high glycemic index (GI) score of 105. Higher than sugar!

If your goal is getting fat, then maltodextrin is great.

Smart Mass only uses low-GI carbohydrates. Our three carbohydrate sources come from peas, oats, and Palatinose®. Our
goal wasn’t to jam as many dirty calories into a bag as possible. We actually care about the results you see. And we’re
guessing your goal isn’t just to grow a gut.

No Added Fats

Typical weight gainers add fats to their formulas because fats are a great way to hike up calories. But guess don’t
need to be paying for added fats. Fats are the easiest thing to add to your diet. Toss in a few tablespoons of olive oil if you are
looking to add fat to your diet, but don’t just drink a bunch of empty fat calories for no reason.

Whey & Casein Blend

Like Select Protein, Smart Mass uses the smartest blend around, a combination of both whey and casein protein. The
combination delivers both a fast and slow release of amino acids, which has shown to be superior than just whey alone.

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