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High Volume

High Volume

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Avoiding Caffeine?

Whether you are avoiding caffeine entirely, or you've already consumed caffeine from another source, High Volume is the perfect option to still get an intense upgrade in workout performance along with a pump that will have you glued to the mirror.


Depending how close to bed you train, taking a stimulant-based pre-workout like Prolific might not be ideal. Rather than hitting the gym with no performance support, High Volume is there to still deliver an amazing workout experience, all without the stimulants.

Cardio Days

The same pathways in which High Volume yields powerful pump and performance in the gym also benefits cardio performance. We don't recommend stimulants before your cardio, making High Volume a perfect choice for your cardio days too.

Quick Science of a Pump

A "pump" is when the muscle you are exercising becomes larger than when it is at rest. This is caused by the body shuttling more blood to the working muscle than normal to help quickly deliver key nutrients, mainly oxygen.

This process can be enhanced with specific ingredients that support nitric oxide "NO" production, alongside being properly hydrated.

As the body delivers these nutrients to the muscle at an increased rate, it allows the muscle to perform better/longer, thus resulting in a better workout experience.

While the pump has an amazing aesthetic appeal, the enhanced blood flow to the working muscles has downstream benefits in delivering important post-workout nutrients. Always remember to follow up your workouts with a serving of protein!

Powerful Standalone. Easily Stacked.

High Volume's ultimate versatility comes from its ability to be used as a standalone, or stacked with a stimulant or stimulant-based product.

Some of us love coffee or energy drinks, making it difficult to consume even more caffeine through a pre-workout. High Volume fills that gap in your pre-workout regimen.

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