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Glucose Factor

Glucose Factor

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Optimize your blood sugar and pumps!
Glucose Factor is the next level Glucose Disposal Agent you have been waiting for!
This supplement is loaded with scientifically proven ingredients in clinical doses which may help you partition nutrients more effectively, maintain and improve insulin sensitivity, improve body composition. reduce inflammation, achieve better muscle fullness and improved vascularity.

This product may assist with:

  • Improved Blood Sugar and Insulin
  • Sensitivity
  • Optimal Glucose Uptake
  • Improved Pumps and endurance

Banaba Leaf Extract

  • Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciose) is a plant whose leaves have been used for anti-diabetic purposes.
  • It can inhibit uptake (digestion and absorption) of carbohydrates to a degree, and can also aid in their deposition into cells from the blood stream (resulting in a reduction in blood sugar).

Bitter Melon

  • Bitter melon contains bioactive compounds with hypoglycemic properties.
  • Clinically shown to reduce blood glucose and insulin levels.
  • Increases glucose uptake and utilization.

Cinnamon Extract

  • Cinnamon is a popular spice that exerts numerous beneficial biological effects on the body.
  • Reduces the rate at which glucose enters the body, and improves glucose use inside cells.
  • Prevents drastic blood sugar spikes, reduces fasting glucose and lowers cholesterol levels.

Fenugreek Extract

  • Fenugreek has traditionally been used to alleviate blood sugar metabolism problems such as diabetes.
  • Normalizes blood glucose metabolism.
  • Increases insulin sensitivity and decreases blood glucose levels.

GlucoVantage (Dihydroberberine)

  • Possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects. It can also improve intestinal health, lower cholesterol, and decrease systolic blood pressure.
  • Shown to be as potent as the pharmaceutical drug Metformin at reducing blood glucose levels and biomarkers of Type II diabetes.
  • Improves cell sensitivity to insulin.
  • Conventional Berberine is commonly dosed between 500-1,500mg per day in divided doses.
  • Dihydroberberine is proven to be 5x MORE EFFECTIVE than conventional Berberine.


  • Alpha Lipoic Acid is involved in energy metabolism, blood glucose metabolism as well as antioxidant activity.
  • ALA reduces oxidation and inflammation, reversing some of the oxidative damage related to the effects of aging.
  • Protects against heart diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, and neurological decline associated with aging.

Chromium TRAACs

  • Chromium is an essential mineral that regulates and improves the actions of insulin in the body, causing a mild decrease in fasting blood glucose.
  • Chromium augments the signaling of insulin receptors by its effect on the protein chromodulin, which is necessary for the proper functioning of insulin.
  • Mega-dosing chromium can lead to possible liver and kidney problems so supplements containing milligram quantities should be avoided.


  • Shown to dramatically increase the absorption and bioavailability of a variety of nutrients, such as peptides, amino acids, glucose, vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, and various sports nutrition supplements.
  • Supports the gut ecosystem by providing a favorable microbiome environment.
  • Enhances the immune system.
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