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Gastro-Ease (Life Extension)

Gastro-Ease (Life Extension)

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What Is Gastro Ease?


Your stomach contains hydrochloric acid to help you break down the foods you eat. This acid would damage the delicate lining of your stomach wall if not for a protective coating of mucus. Gastro-Ease™ contains a unique form of zinc as well as Pylopass™, a unique, heat-treated, stabilized form of Lactobacillus reuteri that supports this protective stomach layer.

Studies show that zinc L-carnosine significantly reduces factors associated with gastric discomfort—in just 8 weeks.

Gastro-Ease™ Benefits

  • Promotes stomach health and comfort
  • Supports a healthy stomach wall at the cellular level
  • Protects and maintains the stomach’s mucosal lining
  • Helps maintain a healthy stomach environment

Carnosine + Zinc = Zinc L-Carnosine


The trace element zinc promotes stomach health. And when combined with the amino acid-derived carnosine (as zinc L-carnosine), the effects are even more pronounced. This comprehensive approach is just one of the reasons to trust the science-backed nutritional supplement from Life Extension®.

Zinc, a trace element essential for many functions in your body, also promotes stomach health in a variety of ways.1,2 And when combined with the amino acid-derived carnosine (as zinc L-carnosine), the effects are even more pronounced.3 This is because zinc L-carnosine offers a comprehensive approach to protect your stomach lining and promote gastric health.

A unique form of zinc promotes gastric health

Zinc L-carnosine gets delivered directly to the stomach wall, where it sticks much more tightly than either zinc or carnosine alone, so the beneficial effects of both components specifically target the site where protection is most needed.4,5 In pre-clinical studies, it also promotes a healthy inflammatory response6, supports a healthy stomach wall and environment,7-9 and encourages the production of protective mucus.10 Zinc L-carnosine supplementation also promotes digestive comfort.

Several clinical studies showed that 150 mg daily of zinc L-carnosine significantly reduced factors associated with gastric discomfort in just eight weeks.11-13

Pylopass™ promotes healthy stomach flora balance

Pylopass™ is made from heat-treated L. reuteri bacteria. Even though these bacteria are inert, they still have many health-promoting effects.14 Pylopass™ promotes healthy stomach flora by selectively binding with a specific strain that can affect the protective mucus layer and the health of your stomach.15,16.

Support a healthy and protective stomach lining and promote a balanced stomach environment with Gastro-Ease™!

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