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Calming Cacao Hot Chocolate

Calming Cacao Hot Chocolate

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Product Description by Project AD:


Mortgage payments. Relationships. Endless hours at work…. COVID-19.

All this bullshit grinds you down and leaves you in a perpetual state of anxiety that weakens your immune system and makes you mentally fragile.

And that’s not a place you want to be in.

Your mental fortitude is who you are. And when the cracks start to seep in, it’s like a poison that wreaks havoc with every facet of your being.

Your immune system gets flattened. Sleep becomes impossible. And your gains? They’re fighting an uphill battle they’ll never win.

Here’s the thing though: you need to embrace it.

These modern day stressors are here to stay – like it or not – and it’s our job to manage these bastards in the most ruthless way possible.

The gym is a great start. There’s no antidote like heavy iron, a ten mile run, or 12 rounds on a heavy bag. But it’s not enough to just exercise.

As our Project AD disciples know, nutrition is the other half of the equation. And that’s where Calming Cacao comes into play.

Remember the times growing up when your mom would give you hot chocolate at night to ease you into bed?

We’re sure that evokes soothing memories for most. Only issue is, it’s full of sugar and other crap.


Calming Cacao, however, is different.

Straight out of the Project AD lab, this is a different beast of night time relaxation. It evokes all those sweet memories of childhood, whilst powering your immune system, enhancing your cognitive function and easing you into the sheets for a deep, restful sleep where you grow.

Grow in the mind and the body. Strengthening neural pathways, and alleviating stress on adrenal glands with our powerful ‘Rewind & Relax Complex’.

Featuring cutting-edge relaxation aids including Magnesium L-Aspartate, L-Theanine, Chamomile & Reishi Mushroom Extract to name a few, it’s fortified with the latest science you’d come to expect from Project AD.

And that sweet, chocolate swirl flavor. Ah, the memories…

Crush stress at its onset. Power up your immune system. Keep moving forward relentlessly towards your goals. Calming Cacao is our way of driving you towards the elite.


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